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Not For Sale by Bobbin
Just a test
$4.13 by penguinteeth
$9.66 by SellusionStar
This could be a flower-ring, or a napkin-ring. Or easily a deco article.
$63.95 by GADesign
Make your girl happy, give her some nice geometric jewelry ! Inspired by : Escher
$34.45 by MartijnvanW
Roll Bar Mount for all GoPro camera's. The maximum diameter of tube it will fit on is 50mm.
Not For Sale by skyfly200
A pendant made of bent tubes connected at spherical junctions. Arranged in a mesh shape inspired by plant cell walls. Designed in blender by hand.
$8.59 by DrewQ
$17.80 by carly.lewis
SUCCESSFULLY PRINTED IN WHITE STRONG AND FLEXIBLETube end for 1:1 scale Portal Gun (Portal 2)Fits tubes in sizes as b...
$142.31 by carly.lewis
SUCCESSFULLY PRINTED IN WHITE STRONG AND FLEXIBLEMain tray and tube end for 1:1 scale Portal Gun (Portal 2)18cm long....
$17.80 by satychary