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$24.50 by danpop
$46.42 by RobTorres
Celtic Triskele Pendant
$5.00 by josh31mich
Super light timing ring for Trinity/Revtech motors. Works on D3.5, Killshot, D3 and original Revtech motors. Strong & Flexible = .2g - Alumide ...
$6.00 by josh31mich
D3.5 Face Plate - IIC Version is a lightweight 3D printed replacement. Strong & Flexible = .7g - Alumide = 1.1g. All weights based off of CAD e...
$8.50 by josh31mich
D3.5 Timing Plate - IIC Version is a lightweight 3D printed replacement. Due to the threaded holes and thin wall section, the three holes need to b...
$5.14 by cmckennaiv
A Trinity/Shamrock pendant that can be worn on a chain or string as a necklace.
$10.58 by GoldSwordDesigns
An Irish/Celtic Trinity Knot. Has a 2.25mm hole, is 1.5 inches tall.
$14.56 by fullbashreturns
A stylized triquetra sits in a triangle, bringing curves together with straight lines and angles.   2.5 cm Length, 3 mm Loop Hole
$16.01 by Arcathorn
A gorgeous bracelet that incorporates the Triskelion Symbol. There are many interpretations to the meaning of the symbol however despite the meanin...
$29.00 by fraochdha
This beautiful cross is embellished with Trinity knots. A light, airy, and unisex design should be happily worn by man, woman or child.