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$5.09 by dubayawalta
$10.21 by implexity
Bass and treble clefs fused into a heart shape.
$3.77 by subd
treble clef pendant,chainhole 5 mm
$6.79 by Charmed_Life_Designs
A bass and treble clef form a heart in this unique pendant. Give one to your musical sweetheart, or just show the world your love for music!Chain ...
Not For Sale by scarletkitsune
This ring features a treble clef (or G-clef) with five connected bands intersecting the clef where each line of the musical staff would pass throug...
$15.00 by dr.tek
The heart is made by combining a treble clef and a bass clef. This pendant is about 2" by 1.5". This is the perfect gift for your musically incline...
$7.19 by uveros
*UPDATED VERSION - PICTURES DON'T MATCH THE PRODUCT PERFECTLY* This is a G-Clef pendant/keychain I designed using Autodesk Maya. The model is both ...
Not For Sale by scarletkitsune
$31.98 by freedimensionaldesign
Rock out with this bangin' perspective pendant that features a classic treble clef and an electric guitar from multiple perspective. Get it now in ...
$84.71 by jessemaxwell
Imagine an object that looks like the treble clef from one angle and the bass clef from another... What would the complex 3D structure look like? ...