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Not For Sale by Hellwerx
A Tower CPU prop I am using to test the print verification process.
Not For Sale by pzich
Twisted chain of 1 cm (2mm wires).
$104.09 by SpectreGadget
Dice tower with slots on four sides so that printed panels can be slid in, hiding the interior of the tower. Designed with the game Portal in mind...
$61.22 by Cyberlolo
A simple Airport House and it's tower
$28.01 by mechworld
This is a huge watchtower for any 6 mm scifi wargame. It will warn you against any attack.
$44.22 by Daedra066
This is a pen holder inspired by German castles and architecture. In case you''d like it for a purpose other than being a pen holder it comes with ...
$7.18 by moonbasecomics
$27.92 by Racer X
“Tower” is shown here in the stainless steel material with gold plated coating. This model is based on a tower in Hull, Massachusetts, USA. The...
$22.63 by 3gfisch
Now you can play Fieldrunners in Real! :-P This is the basic Turret of Fieldrunners (Game for iPhone and iPad..). The turret can be rotate 360° li...