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$46.51 by Kitsune
Do you like Tomb Raider? You've always wanted the Scion? You will rule over Atlantis and conduct the army of the Atlanteans!
$19.41 by chauvanla
This is a printable creature head sculpture. Hollow model to keep the printing cost low. Completely watertight mesh. No pseudo surfaces. Minimum wa...
$25.75 by chauvanla
$33.01 by chauvanla
This is a printable ape bust sculpture. This is a 7 cm height version. Please visit my gallery (by clicking on my username) for other printable fig...
$30.54 by RVeldhuyzen
This is a very precise model of the TR2 era Lara model. The digital model a lot of us spent so much time playing with on screen all those years ago...
$9.15 by Polysquid
Wooden style coffin for a vampire or other undead creepy to hide in. Should work fine with both 28mm and 25mm scales.
$23.89 by RVeldhuyzen
This is a very precise model of the Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness Lara model. Now we can have a 10cm high, physical version of that 3d model lots o...
$26.50 by DrWhoJohnSmith
for support free printing
$65.73 by frankeno
This is a tiny replica of the tomb lid of K'inich Janahb' Pakal, mayan ruler of Palenque, reconstructed from drawings and photos found on internet....
$18.12 by lensman
A pendant inspired by the tri-spiral design on the entrance stone at the Megalithic Tomb in Newgrange, Ireland, which is probably the most famous I...