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$14.99 by Vapour
Brute for iPhone 4 - Thin but Tough Brute adds less than a millimeter of bulk around your iPhone, so you won't notice it in your pocket but you...
$14.99 by Vapour
Brute for iPhone 5 - Thin but Tough The same minimal design but with the added protection of port plugs to defend your phone from dust, fluff ...
$1.98 by TijsB
$42.28 by PuckvdWildenberg
- Ring size is 7- Height is 10 mm- No background- Thickness is 0.9 mm- Image is Heart.jpg- Horizontal image tiling is 1- Vertical image tiling is 1...
$4.97 by Studioluminaire
ring evolved by lofting random profiles around the center of the ring
$6.47 by Jman1906
These are small detailed earrings designed from the outline of a cube. When worn the cube interlock as they fully extend. Only high detail plastic ...
$12.90 by EmileCouture
The Tower, second piece of the Chess set.
$38.96 by RaelMClarke
FLYHIGH Open Heart Skinny Bracelet
$23.85 by duckandflea
A simple slim line wallet that holds 3 credit sized cards. Perfect for your id, credit card and cash card in your skinny jeans! Wallet measures on...
$47.53 by zafuquazar