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$156.52 by Anthromod
The Mark 2 Anthromod hand. A robotic hand that is fully printable. Development blog
Not For Sale by paulelderdesign
As featured on the official Stan Winston Studios Facebook here. The pendant is roughly 10 cm in height and 2 cm in diameter and incorporates the br...
$89.49 by weno
This is a Replica housing for the Terminator Endoskull chip that is used in the movie when they remove the chip to shut off the terminator. This ho...
$47.17 by weno
Here is the shockdamper for my Terminator Endoskull chip housing. This goes into my housing just like in the movie. I have no clue if it will fit a...
Not For Sale by uncookedtrout
$6.47 by 03terminator
03-04 Mustang SVT Cobra TERMINATOR trunk letters
$14.50 by ArtisticFiend
Set of 3 tech hammers for 28mm miniatures, including arms and extra detail accessories. (FUD Only). Please contact me for custom orders.
$4.88 by neverendingminiatures
terminator machinegun for left arm.
$11.69 by neverendingminiatures
four pack machineguns for the left arm
$23.28 by 03terminator
Shapeways Image Popper