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$3.25 by TreadshotA1
$7.50 by TreadshotA1
$4.48 by Rkardo58
$13.18 by Rkardo58
$25.00 by DesignbyDalton
2g pair. The three rings are free hanging. They come in a variety of sizes. I can have them adjusted to nearly any size on request.Three Ring Talon...
$60.00 by SheilaMunro
Beautifully designed Dragon Claw Bracelet by: Sheila Munro. Inner circumference measurement is 22 cm. Inner Diameter is approximately: 73mm Distanc...
$79.00 by lensman
This model is size US8... contact me if you'd like a different size; significantly smaller or larger will affect prices slightly down or up. Email...
$13.79 by Aplomado
A scaled up, high definition scan of a Raptor's talon. Species is not known but it is probably from a contemporary bird of prey such as a Falcon, H...
$37.24 by LuraSDesign
The claw is 12cm long with the visible part about 9cm which fits the original size of a Velociraptor claw. To keep the price low it is hollow and ...
$32.83 by SamAbbott
Wall hanger in the form of a crow talon