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$15.00 by Rios93
The Snake talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures.
$15.00 by Rios93
$6.45 by Lazulli
Based on the popular charm a ring that ends and begins the same
$84.02 by subquark
Half-scale model of the tsuba (hand guard) from a Japanese katana. The original tsuba was modeled from a 1603 (Edo Period) in the Inazami style (li...
$13.07 by Kitsune
Amateur Egyptian culture? Here for you the eye of Horus. A great talisman.
$25.09 by Aileron
I created these for the Anpatha series of simple healing shapes and forms. This piece is inspired by the shapes and patterns in the crop circle phe...
$10.07 by Roughquinn
The Dragon Talisman! A Dragon holds a floating Pearl!!! The sphere moves between paws and wings of the dragon! Is said the Dragon Pearl would mul...
$16.90 by FraterFL
4th Solomonic Pentacle of Venus
Not For Sale by Salorian
This tiny Buddha Statue is very detailed, seems to be one of the smallest Buddhas of the world but contains still the same powers as the bigger one...
$64.95 by CorianderShea
Drawn by me (the Coriander person) based off of the Great Glyph of the Sidhe as recounted in the book, "The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworl...