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$14.69 by Kidmechano
Mix and match these 17 modular and ReconFigurable parts to create a wide variety of tactical ModiBot weapons. This build system will be the foundat...
$9.05 by shootermatic
This 3 segment MOLLEclip allows you to attach two MOLLE packs or pouches together. This is similar to the Blackhawk Speedclip or the Maxpedition ...
Not For Sale by wetwired
Tactical Vest worn by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Suitable for LEGO minifigure torsos.
$2.31 by Bren926
Our special twist on the 9mm Uzi brings stealth into game. Now with Suppressor, Precision Red Dot sight, fully extended stock, and extended magazin...
$27.01 by gisle
BeltKeeper - tactical belt clip companion to Cold Steel SafeMaker, Karambit and similar knives with Secure-Ex sheath. Gives the user the possibilit...
$21.69 by gisle
A small pushdagger that could come in handy when roaming the urban jungles. You should also get the handle: https://www.shapeways.com/model/1549630/
$30.00 by hexbreaker
tactical - 1ev1 - inline field tobacco pipe
$30.00 by hexbreaker
tactical - 1ev2 - inline field tobacco pipe with rifled bore
$9.04 by STIdeas
For securing 1" molle. Add a piece of shock cord to make an easy wrap or secure equipment.
$29.99 by alexandryandesign
Tie Clip designed by Alex and Ryan Design if you have any suggestions for some more send us an email @ alexandryandesign@gmail.com