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$313.65 by IanGarrett
$56.20 by cybercaptain
This is a heart I designed as a Valentines Day gift.
$5.75 by Monia
Remember to buy 2pcs. if you use them as earrings!1pc. is good for necklace : )
$199.52 by newbzy
A 30cm tall lamp shade/sculpture, which forms fantastic arrays of shadows when light is passed through its unique form.
$279.26 by IanGarrett
$13.40 by stop4stuff
A pendant with 9 segments making up a swirl pattern. 26mm diameter + 5mm for the hoop. The hoop can accomodate upto 4mm dia necklace In the botto...
$7.48 by Anigroove
Organic swirly pendant. Choose your material to print. Metal, bronze or silver print? Please contact me.
$33.63 by Genghis
The underlying symbolic theme of the rhinoceros is made of paradoxes: "things are not as they seem". Although the rhino is known to display aggres...
$3.98 by Evanlw85
A curved rose inspired pendant, originally created as a gift for my sister. A loop for a necklace chain is on the rear side. Perfect as a metal pri...
$2.98 by mackenziefoster
pretty necklace/charm about 1" long