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$207.98 by aeron203
Sushi dishes in food-safe glazed ceramic. A full set of 7 blocks. Be aware that this project has not been printed yet, and the images shown are c...
$22.00 by thewraithoftheopera
This was made with the Sake Set Creator Sushi, Sake set Want to get a set? + + Want to get a set? + +
$27.21 by creator
$26.26 by TomBusscher
My second try on my yingyang soy-sauce bowl and I fell in love with it!!While designing, it was important for me to focus on the meaning of asian n...
$87.49 by alexbarrette
platter is used to serve all sort of food ranging from party time snacks to an elegant sushi display. the platter's "bubble" is used so your hand h...
$53.37 by alexbarrette
this personal version of the large sized serving platter is perfect for occasions ranging from weddings to small get togethers! small and light yet...
$17.70 by PaniPage
A low modern-styled small bowl, perfect for gathering ingredients when you cook, or using for dipping sauces to enjoy with your meal. Also perfect ...
$18.10 by iconxware
This Ceramic Shark Cup makes a great conversation piece. Drink Sake or any beverage from the mouth of this cute ceramic shark cup or use as a wasab...
$12.00 by denwy8
salmon sushi jewelry accessory! Complete with chopsticks and soy sauce
Not For Sale by rehaomayer
Four for sushi: All in one cup! Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Ginger & Chopstics holder for Sushi.