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$9.85 by glyphobet
This is a model of Boy's Surface, a one-sided surface with no edges and no pinch points. In the cutaway images you can see a small ball. It can ro...
$9.99 by d4rkl1gh7
Color globe of Mars. Surface features slightly exaggerated.Variations 5cm Color Hollow 1" Color
$11.70 by Camazine
Generated by 'Sculpture Generator 1' by Carlo H. Séquin, UC Berkeley. Successfully printed in Stainless Steel
$8.20 by friz
The Clebsch cubic surface, an algebraic surface of the third order.
Not For Sale by ErkDemon
The interior surface of the Menger Sponge, rendered as a series of cute interconnected curved pipework.
$51.74 by kashif
A complete orientable minimal surface derived from Enneper's minimal surface.
$11.02 by rickruss2013
Enneper's surface, with 3 lobes. A minimal surface, like a soap bubble.
$70.77 by fernandomaytorena
Model done for research and experimentation for a final project of mine in a landscape architecture course. It is the grid system of a landscape su...
$6.00 by skyfly200
A chain bracelet made of infinity symbol shaped mobius loops. The bracelet clasps with a toggle clasp. A mobius loop is a loop with a single side t...
$16.70 by Hajusha