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$21.36 by harryapeman
Ear Ring!
$193.57 by Bucry
Strange, isn't it?
$8.19 by Magic
8-pointed sphere.Not really a die, just a weird shape...It is a truncated sphere on which 8 portions of cones, tangent to the sphere, have bee...
$32.75 by Tremoside
Design is a cultural activity. Our position in the world is defined by habits, references and preferences.World changed a lot since usage of Intern...
$26.14 by Anigroove
one of a kind :)
$4.15 by TheMindForest
Smooth loopy cube is strange.
$85.71 by Noxiverse
This is a strange design for strange minds! It can be used as a neat ornament or stand for those who enjoy curves. Use it for a candle holder or si...
$33.29 by Noxiverse
$15.00 by ChrisRyzebol
$16.86 by richardsouthwell
An elegant network with an intricate organic style. The piece was grown from a seed using a simple rule as described in the video.