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$132.53 by FabMeJewelry
This ring has the beauty of sterling silver and crystal combined into one design. Personalize to your ring size. Every ring has a unique Crystal...
$14.67 by SheilaMunro
Sterling Silver Filigree Bracelet. Medium size will fit most wrists, inside diameter is 70mm.
$33.50 by bluelinegecko
A set of cuff-links in the shape of a police shield made in solid Sterling Silver,gold-plated brass,solid brass, or solid bronze. Some very fine pr...
$60.00 by vertigopolka
Here is a delicate bauble in the form of a snub truncated icosahedron that has been smoothed around the edges.
$135.00 by ZiggyNam
Heart Pendant. 22.5 grams 94% Sterling Silver
$100.00 by kontor_apart
I would like to introduce to you the sculpture »You & Me« from the »Scrappies« figurine family. It represents love, aff...
$32.60 by Hybryda
Real Life Silver Crystal from manga Sailor Moon
$2.98 by AlexShorey
Band 17.4mm inner diameter. (7-7 1/4 US/Canada ring size) 11.5mm wide Inlay Channel 7.6mm wide 0.5mm deep Smash is my first shapeways submission....
$73.00 by vertigopolka
This coral-inspired model (with 3-fold rotational symmetry) was generated with a single mathematical expression using the implicit surfaces filter...
$7.12 by justinhowlett
Art Deco inspired ring. Choose 'Personalize' to select a ring size and order. Default size is 18.2mm