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$16.65 by zlwilly
This is a support-less ascending staircase model that was made in Blender3D.
$8.65 by Anbar
Suitable for 25mm round bases up to a height of 7mm max.The steps will easily hold a metal figure on a standard 25mm round base without it falling ...
$20.89 by phimestudio
$82.00 by unellenu
'Triple Stairway Pinnacle' , a small sculpture. 17.3cm X 15.7cm X 8.8cmThe unellenu store on shapeways - for designer objects, fractal art, sc...
$30.79 by jpfaraco
$10.70 by Khaenine
$49.99 by LaNero
A staircase maze that is appealing to the eye in a simplistic way, yet intricate enough to make a statement.
$7.00 by Wizmacnz
Domestic "dog-leg" staircase for kit bashers or scratchbuilders wanting to add a simple staircase to a model house interior. The stair suits a scal...