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$40.92 by opresco
Free ball inside! See my New Spring Loaded Dice: Spring-loaded 30-sided die. Spring-loaded Icodie. Spring-loaded die.
$15.89 by coines23
A tug, fully kitted out with cargo pods.
$12.00 by wulongti
This model has been tested in WSF only Load Bearer has a tendency to get lost in the details of things and can get quite compulsive when it comes ...
$18.34 by stonysmith
Prototype information here: http://www.uprr.com/newsinfo/releases/environment/2013/0903_arrowedge.shtml
$5.03 by Vonzack
Imitation coal load for the Graham Farish Freightliner 100t HHA Bogie Hopper The load is very light and has been designed to locate correctly over...
$10.68 by stonysmith
1:220 The entire time I was designing this, I kept thinking of Phil Harris of Deadliest Catch, and the time that his supplier shipped him the prope...
$5.00 by ppoz
A loaded die that is weighted to favor 1. The die is hollow with a hole in the place of the 1's pip. There is an optional plug (small cone) you c...