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$37.61 by JaZilla
Stars and spirals of wind.
$127.33 by GADesign
This beautiful pendant design has both inner and outer spirals, and together they represent the shape of a teardrop filled with DNA. Premium Silve...
$22.89 by watshsname
I won't know the exact size until I get one printed for myself, but it should be 10 - 11
$19.40 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die with inset, spiraling squares for the dots.
$6.13 by JaZilla
Shapeways Image Popper
$67.63 by GADesign
Do You or Your'e Girlfreind Love Fashionable and Stylish Jewelry ? Then you gotta have this Spiralistic Pendant ! It has a Twin spiral with tiny b...
$54.43 by davidparker
$8.04 by RobTorres
Spiral Sphere Ornament for White Strong and Flexible
$124.72 by ErrobaArt
Spirals and circles form an elegant bracelet. The opening at the bottom is almost 36mm which should be enough to be able to slide it onto your wrist.
$25.98 by ErrobaArt
Spirals and Circles formed into an elegant classic design. There is a similar bracelet and ring design to go with it. The whole design is slightly ...