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Not For Sale by npdcrazypyro
A spinning toy top made mostly out of intersecting rectangular prisms.
Not For Sale by npdcrazypyro
The same as the previous Rectangular Prism Spinning Top, but with a slightly modified central shaft.
$37.75 by Krytes42
A bobbin sized to fit Majacraft spinning wheels. This version is NOT FUNCTIONAL AS-IS: the holes at each end are about 0.1 mm too small and requir...
$34.58 by JustinSanity
Battle Toll, well balanced with fine and cunning details.
Not For Sale by TravisRoske
When you spin it at first it spins clockwise. After a little while it will slow down and then start spinning counterclockwise!How does this work?Ob...
$50.81 by capnrob
Printed in parts, as the use of a Turkish spindle requires assembly and disassembly.
$19.90 by tonyEnn
Mobius with a twist. This is a 4 rail mobius strip with a movable spinning pointer. Watch the arrow as you spin it around the piece.Tested in the f...
$48.94 by capnrob
A simple Turkish spindle, with the shaft hole sized for a standard chopstick (5.5mm x 6.6mm) instead of a printed one. A ring is included that can ...
$28.25 by Raedia
I wanted to design an ornament to make use of the sparkly polished alumide material, so I came up with this spinning diamond. It is also my first m...
$13.27 by Raedia
This is a mini version of the Diamond ornament (http://shpws.me/pQ2F). In strong and flexible materials, it's a less expensive and lighter ornament...