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$240.52 by FabMeJewelry
This beautiful shaped bracelet will make all your friends envy you :) If you have any questions please contact us via the CONTACT DESIGNER button ...
$25.48 by aeron203
A truss-work ball of tiny points, one inch wide. Shown in a bronze finish. The design has a loop on one end for threading onto a necklace or lanyard.
$28.00 by aeron203
A hollow spike ball about an inch wide, including the concavely tapered spikes. This item is not polished due to the fine features, so it has an in...
$18.09 by aeron203
Hollow pentagonal points on an icosahedral frame. Shown in Alumide.
$34.84 by aeron203
This model is a piece of a sculpture. It is designed to lock into holes on another model, but also looks interesting by itself. UPDATE: recently do...
$15.59 by Salokannel
RockStone is a ring with passion. The frame looks like it has frozen the time and captured those spikes towards your finger. Feels like something i...
$21.01 by petervandriel
A glass that make you think twice to drink without thinking.
$45.54 by petervandriel
A plate with spikes
$6.00 by vertigopolka
These spiked earrings are for those who really need to make some points.Please check out the other pieces of plastic jewelry available in my shop: ...
$7.00 by vertigopolka
Here we have a pair of spiked earrings whose pointed charm is offset by a delicate ribbon.Please check out the other pieces of plastic jewelry avai...