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$15.46 by ChrisArtscapes
a dangerous looking weapon.This sword has a fine edge and is quite sharp.
Not For Sale by lmadden94
This is a spear-like weapon for use by Lego Figurines. The handle will fit into the hand of a Lego MiniFigure, in fact, I'm excited to receive mine...
$5.27 by cubanbkidd
Lancer riding a horse. All once piece.
$21.49 by faufresh
$40.00 by MatthewM
This is the symbol for Odin's spear Gungnir from Norse mythology. Makes a nice pendant. Legend has it that Odin's magical spear never misses. HALO...
$17.21 by ColinBarnes
Small survival fishing spearhead to throw in your bag. It has a cutout in the back that tapers down from .50" to accept a spear, with holes around ...
$11.27 by ChrisArtscapes
My idea for an elven spear.
$5.49 by Kidmechano
Lots of requests for an additional spear for the Amazon, Valkyrie and Spartan kits. Now we can have a true Spartan and Hoplite.
$6.02 by ManAtArms
This should also work for King Randor, etc. It's about 135 mm in length with a 4 mm diameter in the staff.
$7.37 by ManAtArms
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