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$9.11 by glyphobet
Three-dimensional versions of the four card suits. Each is about 2cm tall. You'll have to paint or dye them yourself.
$52.30 by Kenny_Van
The perfect pendant / earring for any lover of cards and card games. Below you can find a piece of the wikipedia entry on why the ace of spades is ...
$30.39 by WillLaPuerta
Set of four six sided dice, each themed around a suit of cards with a more elaborate ace for the one.
$9.95 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die with spades representing each number and a more elaborate ace spade for the one.
$65.00 by Mobious
$52.00 by johncaveney
A simple pair of playing card Ace earrings.
$23.76 by wideeyezmind
Space from space... **No Hook Included**
$37.75 by wideeyezmind
Spade From Space...
$62.00 by Aelqvymia
Heart & Spades, Earrings and Pendant. Earwire/Fishhook and Jumprings not included.
$188.42 by acolyte
An ace of spades inspired key chain decked out with flourished scroll work and a broken club emblem.