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Not For Sale by alienkid10
MY first Blender project
$35.00 by 3DGB_Designs
This is the snowbot. It is a cross between a robot and a snowman. This snowman does not melt. It is about 2inches tall. This fun, cool creation is ...
$33.00 by byShapeways
A large Christmas ball containing a hanging snowman! It is even possible to add your personal text message with a nice font around the ball. The...
$15.04 by byShapeways
A detailed snowman on a spring! The snowman is attached to the spring, because the spring is flexible you will be able to let the snowman bounce. ...
$9.96 by byShapeways
A cool detailed snowman pendant!This snowman looks great in for example your christmas tree christmas wreath.
$35.65 by ChrisArtscapes
A miniature snowman.
$24.99 by LokiLaufeysen
made with improved version stl file no colour or cut and dints either. get coloured version here multi coloured snowman- ...
$12.86 by chase187666
Snowman earrings for the holiday season. I would love it if you share a picture of the item once you receive it in the comments!
$43.68 by LokiLaufeysen
multi coloured snowman- wood snow ice no colour snoman solid colour or lack of it
$78.46 by LokiLaufeysen
snow bunny man