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$74.77 by Kyrie_McKnight
$26.54 by MrShape
Awesome dual ring ! Diameter = 18mm
$70.25 by leessmith
An elegant dual ring necklace, a bit of class and shine never goes astray. Comes with an 18" (45cm) silver necklace.
$72.00 by improbablecog
Size 5 Size 8 Size 8 1/2 Size 9 Size 10 Size 11 An alien ouroborus ring.
$59.99 by UniverseBecoming
The first known ouroboros design was found in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld in the tomb of Tutankhamun dating to about the 14th century BC....
$9.34 by Doxin
A small ring with a subtle scales relief. US size 12-ish. only one size, sorry.
$31.33 by DarioScapittaDesign
A pure design that makes this ring easy to wear and very comfortable. Perfect when combined with the armband of the necklace of the same collection...
$6.50 by Studioluminaire
ring with small dense and distorted profiles. All sizes and many materials available
$57.52 by MichaelMueller
A ring ... but occupied by a snake! To avoid getting bitten, use it as pendant instead.
$65.90 by carladiana
From the book LEO the Maker Prince: http://www.leothemakerprince.com http://www.amazon.com/LEO-Maker-Prince-Journeys-Printing/dp/1457183145 Ste...