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$12.78 by rabe
$7.00 by COVO
Headphone Jack Accessory. Fits in the 3.5mm headphone jack. Dress up and prettify your iPods, smartphones, and music players. It prevents dirt fro...
$30.04 by carli2
This is a stand for tablets and phones
$35.07 by sheridan
Electronic DNA: Customise your Smart Phone Art Case today: Alter a protective and robust mobile phone cases design, and adapt its animal skin just ...
$4.40 by yu_ki
Smartphone cover is opened without damaging the nail. Can open the cover of the smartphone without having to damage your nails if you have it. Pl...
$11.65 by yu_ki
Multi-functional strap. It has three functions strap, clip, of "Spatula open cover" storage. * Please use it in conjunction with "Spatula open co...
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Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/iZ5b35VSSev This work is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 https://c...
$16.11 by Vapour
Curvestand for iPhone A neat little stand for the iPhone 4 and 4s. Curvestand for iPhone works well for texting at your computer, as a bedside...
$12.98 by partapart
Ok... This is an iPhone 5 desktop stand... If I need to tell you what else it can be used for, than I don't think you really need it ;)
$14.62 by partapart
9m6This is my take on tablet and (larger) smartphone stands. It was designed with iPad in mind but it is suitable for all tablets up to 9,6mm thick.