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$62.93 by edrice
Bust of Siri done for the "What does Siri look like?" contest. More info here http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/1191-What-Does-Siri-Look-Lik...
$90.00 by printedCat
"What Does Siri Look Like? contest" - 3D Design category 23 cm cat (only for nylon - WSF). My cat is my best buddy in the world!
$81.51 by SaGaDesign
Our entry into the Siri design competition, an accessory which slides onto the iPhone and serves as the 'face' of Siri. The androgynous face has a ...
Not For Sale by antohneeo
Nobody rocks out harder than Siri. Oh and she holds your iPhone for you while you work at your desk!
$83.50 by SaGaDesign
A user-friendly adjustment to our award-winning Siri design, this iPhone 4/4s case is adjusted so as not to obscure the screen and can also functio...