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This was the award for the first place in the International Schools Mathematics Teachers Foundation math competition 2013. Not for sale of course, ...
$25.42 by hijujih
An icosahedron with its triangular faces fractalized like a sierpinski pyramid. (4 Iterations)
$12.64 by Geonat
This SuperFractal Pendant has a Sierpinski triangle in one side and a Carpet fractal in the other. This object nicely shows that these two fractals...
$19.16 by ttoinou
3-th order lightweight Sierpinski's Tetrahedron Fractal made of wires.
$10.51 by rickruss2013
Sierpinski tetrahedron with each tet having 3 solid walls. Walls upsized in thickness to print in polished colored plastics.
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'Sierpinski Spears & Spires' model .There are more Sierpinski based deigns (as well as lots of other things) at the unellenu store.The unellenu...
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'Sierpinski Spears & Spires' model A larger version of this model is availableThe unellenu store on shapeways - for designer objects, frac...
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' Sierpinski Chandelier' ornament / sculpture has a loop at the top so that you can hang it up.Height 19.5 cmWidth 5.5 cmDepth 5.5 cm Add some math...