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$11.08 by ChaosIncarnate
IT'S A SHAWTGUHN!! Yes, the ultimate final word in killing Zombies is now available for your Transformers figures. Featuring a 5mm peg, your figu...
$16.50 by StephenClementDesigns
Nerf Tactical Rail attachment that lets you store six darts. Great for storing extra ammo for a front-loader style blaster.
$1.70 by Bren926
The shotgun is a firearm that, rather then shooting one pointed bullet, shoots multiple small shots from one container, the Shotgun Shell!
$2.20 by Bren926
The Sawed-Off Shotgun is typically a Shotgun that has had a portion of it's stock and barrel sawed-off, to make the weapon smaller, lighter, and mo...
Not For Sale by Vilreen
Still in prototype stage, will inform if works fine or not.
$29.99 by alexandryandesign
Tie Clip designed by Alex and Ryan Design if you have any suggestions for some more send us an email @ alexandryandesign@gmail.com
Not For Sale by Freakazoitt
Pistols for Perished Lands tabletop game. Handmade pistols that shoot with 12 gauge cartridge. Designed for 28mm miniatures. 10 pistols on sprue.
$11.83 by Freakazoitt
10 Shotguns and 2 belts of 12 gauge cartridges for 28mm board game miniatures
$10.72 by Freakazoitt
10 Two-barrel shotguns with 12 gauge cartridges on sprue, scaled for 28mm board game miniatures
$3.75 by TreadshotA1