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$15.90 by bluelinegecko
 A simple full-size shot glass for 3-D printing in Shapeways' new glazed ceramic material.
$16.82 by jeff
 holds a shot & your attention.
$21.00 by theparagon
Shot glass with a roman eagle surrounded by laurels. The size of a true shot glass.
$5.43 by Rillanon
Shot glass prop
$24.99 by TGragg
$40.54 by LuraSDesign
An egg cup designed in style of a Dalek from the Doctor Who series. It can also be used as small shot glass, holds about 1 ounce = 30ml .If you lik...
$19.00 by denali3ddesign
Only a shot? Pssht! Now you can slam the whole keg with this cup! The keg holds 1.25 fluid ounces of your favorite liquid.
$24.00 by ceramicwombat
A shot glass in the form of a fish