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Not For Sale by kspaho
Designed by Marieka Ratsma in cooperation with Kostika Spaho, photography Thomas van Schaik. The idea for this shoe highlights the aesthetics and ...
$29.30 by baltimore
In honor of today being 'One Day Without Shoes' www.onedaywithoutshoes.com I've modeled this pendant. Shoes are too small to be worn (unless you're...
Not For Sale by TLV3D
The Future of Footwear. The Flame Shoe - by TLV
$146.40 by TLV3D
$19.37 by WillLaPuerta
Cutest little Bigfoot I've ever seen.
$27.97 by Gijsraaf
Soccer / football flipflop pendant
$1,430.60 by Bensss
3D Printable Flip Flops. The flip flop is designed to bend naturally with the wearers foot. Ergonomic toe band is designed to fit comfortably to th...
$59.20 by WillLaPuerta
First batch of Tiny Monsters. Includes Tentacles Joe (Half octopus, half starfish, half cool dude in shades.), The Sasquash (A rarely seen creature...
$59.16 by MayCrown
$15.00 by ViktorLambov
Mu, is the Greek letter, that is used in math. It is mostly used in math to represent the coefficient of friction. The Mu symbol is really nice, an...