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$24.99 by BenandFamily
Eight Battleships, Twelve Cruisers, Fifteen Destroyers, Ten Frigates, Eight Corvettes, Twelve Transports. ...
$7.00 by glehn
1/350 scale tug boat Waterline, perfect for dioramas.
$17.64 by aegidian
Nine Oolite ships (and a small group of three cargo containers) mounted on round bases for use in a board game.The models are: Cobra Mk3, Anaconda,...
$36.09 by aegidian
The Oolite ships at 1:3750 scale (making the base for the Cobra 3 one inch in diameter.)
$26.99 by decapod
Cod Wars set 2 + HMS Exmouth
Not For Sale by southernnscale
4 8' ships Helm Wheel
$22.37 by decapod
More models from the 3rd Cod War in 1975 ICGV Ver (same as Baldur), HMS Exmouth, plus support vessels Star Aquarius and Star Polaris. Can be used w...
$32.00 by yuunagi_dameya
PBR31 MkII "PIBBER" is a river patrol boat used during the Vietnam War in U.S. Navy. It is famous even to have appeared in movie "Apocalypse Now". ...
$19.95 by GrimDarkBits
$7.70 by Daviuss
XIA Tier 2 spacecraft with 3mm mount hole NOW REGULATION XIA SPEC!! The Slipstream II-A is a direct rebuild of the prototype I-A keeping true to i...