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$50.00 by virtox
While provocatively curved, she is indeed very shy!She only allows a glowing glimpse of what she holds inside. A light shade for LED tea-lights or ...
Not For Sale by virtox
Double Shell Light.A work in progress.
$23.97 by djgeenen
Light Pebble LED accent light DIY Parts from other sources required Assembly required 1.5v coin-cell battery powered
$66.45 by joris
$69.91 by davidfollo
$23.20 by euphy
Simple and handsome squared ring. This model is 3.5mm wide and the inside face has rounded edges, but is mostly flat, so fits more closely to the ...
$10.85 by wjv
Lighter version of the original shelleg. Works just as well. :-)
$77.25 by curmudgeony
Pi is the number found when the distance around a circle is divided by the distance between opposite sides of the circle. This seemingly endless n...
$4.56 by Atropos907
$361.50 by nusmuk
This pendant light globe is made based on a disorded sphere.I was so impresed by Nervous reaction lamp that i have to do mine...http://www.shapeway...