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$37.20 by Cgraphic
Mine shaped S/S pendant
Not For Sale by dcooleo
$14.67 by seanmichaelragan
An oloid-type shape proportioned to have a level center of gravity when rolling. It thus rolls much more easily than a proper oloid.
$56.34 by seanmichaelragan
An oloid-like solid proportioned as a 2-circle roller; that is, proportioned to maintain a level center of gravity when rolling, which results in m...
$5.76 by slatamilian
Necklace With outer diamond shape and interlocking rings within.
$6.50 by WelshDesigns
This is a cookie cutter shaped like a wrench. It can be used for cookies, clay, play-doh, stamping, or even just for decoration.
$4.75 by ppoz
This 6-sided die is labeled not with pips (dots) or digits, but with shapes. The number of sides on each shape gives the value. Circle = 1, lens =...
$65.56 by FabMeJewelry
This stunning art object will look fabulous on a beautiful dress ! Chain is not included. If you have any questions please contact us via the CONT...
$9.99 by mctrivia
count the number of sides for each shape. die has been perfectly waited.Photo provided courtesy of dicecollector.com