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$11.98 by glyphobet
Seven, eight, and nine pips easily fit on a standard die, so why not have one with that many? The remaining three faces have the standard dot patte...
$6.23 by zulubo
Six mobius strips for very little money! Granted, they are little mobiuses, but they are still awesome. The minimum price for any one model is $1.5...
Not For Sale by ElotrabRednaxela
A seven sided, seven twist torus knot turned into a hexagonal mesh.
$125.33 by RobTorres
A floral patterned vase with a heptagon shape.
$144.13 by opqrstu3D
Move your hips, here's Vase Seven, the swirly one. Printable in Black or White Strong & Flexible Plastic, Alumide, Detail Acrylic (not Ultra D...
$15.00 by DavidTsai
You know when you _________ and just have to carry 1 or 2 keys? That's what it's for! *Patent Pending. A new type of ring, a new key ring, a new r...