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$15.00 by seriaforma
Do you do your best thinking while in motion? Are the margins of your papers filled with doodles? Do you twist your hair when deep in thought? ...
$34.00 by seriaforma
This gorgeous Spectrum Bowl is made from the Full Color Sandstone material. The piece makes a bright and spirited addition to any decor.
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This ceramic candle holder is designed to offer an industrial look to the table top. The candle sits in the base and is encircled by the upper pa...
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Remember the Jetsons? These earrings are inspired by the fine architecture of the Jetson's home town of Orbit City. Surely the Jetsons had the...
$20.00 by seriaforma
These colorful, lightweight earrings call to mind a traditional honeydripper. They are part of the Orbit City Collection. For you or your honey!
$20.00 by seriaforma
Colorful and playful, these earrings are part of the Orbit City collection.
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Are you a 5K runner? Do you enjoy those miles as they pass by, while you stay fit, healthy and mentally focused? It's the perfect distance for...
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Yes, that's 26.2 miles, my friends. Without wheels below you! Months of training. Buckets of sweat. Loose dogs. Road hogging cars. You we...
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This 18" necklace comes ready to wear, fully printed in 3D. No additional clasps, chains or parts needed! The linking mechanism allows the neckl...
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What happens when the Jetsons' home town of Orbit City suffers a space quake? Perhaps something like this!