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Not For Sale by BananaMan
He seems cute but he's not. The Belt is used to keep him from hurting you ;)
$31.69 by TheRogueAndTheWolf
A Great White Shark fin to adorn your hands. The closest your fingers will be to a shark without loosing them. Available in various sizes. Feel fr...
$30.14 by fraochdha
This Hawaiian style pendant mixes the beauty and grace of a Honu (Sea Turtle) with the fierceness of the shark tooth pattern as found in Polynesian...
Not For Sale by thylacyn
$56.71 by Grotesque
$159.99 by WillLaPuerta
Underwater chess set. One side is blue and green. The other is purple and red. The kings are crabs, the queens are angelfish, the bishops are squid...
$12.24 by WillLaPuerta
Six sided die made from a tangled bunch of octopi. Each octopus holds one to six little spheres to mark the number of the side.
$73.22 by Ioana
This piece was inspired by all the tales and legends of great voyages across the Seven Seas. The long boat bounces along the giant waves driven by...
$31.57 by mrkl28
A triangulated shell art piece inspired by natural curves.
$27.01 by Grotesque
Pendant inspired by spiral shaped sea shells with spikes. Doesn't include necklace. Please make sure that the necklace you chose has small enough c...