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$7.82 by karmabomb
One anatomically correct humerus bone with eyelet is perfect component  for necklaces. The four views is to see from multiple angles. There is...
$103.35 by mmoocircl
$59.07 by TheYeaglemanBrothers
A Cytisus laburnum tree growing out of a light switch plate. It mounts easily to the wall in place of any standard light switch plate. The branches...
$3.42 by leviathale
A futuristic shield that fits minifigures. The shield can be used for a laser deflector or for wings.
$2.64 by Mechanoid
Just something I doodled up.
$107.37 by treepleks
The Smyth surfaces (discovered by Brian Smyth in 1993), are constant mean curvature surfaces. Usually represented in their "two legs" variant, thes...
$23.00 by Anasrafiq
$24.09 by ThorHayton
Beyond Steel Jewelry Logo. Product does not include leather cord.
$5.63 by jiakim
$45.95 by kaptsan
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