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$38.00 by SteveMarshall
This puzzle consists of a 2x2x2 twisty puzzle on the inside, and a burr puzzle outer shell. The inner 2x2x2 is only solved when the outer shell pie...
$3.36 by Demon4511
This is a Cubic Twisty Puzzle Stand. (Demon Cubes Design) Warning: It has not been prototyped yet.
$175.00 by TomZ
This is the Chimera, a puzzle suggested by twistypuzzles forum member pytlivyj_1 inspired on Tony Fisher's V-Dome. It is half of a 4x4 combined wit...
$60.00 by QuirkyCubes
This is a rather abstract puzzle inspired by the geometry of the 26th Johnson Solid: The Gyrobifastigium. The puzzle uses a 2x2x1 as its base, with...
$41.92 by vicjohnson
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/8slZSAkSc2S
$29.95 by FLAT3D
6 piece cube puzzle
$5.52 by tactical
All 5 parts fit to make a 3x3x3 cube. A very good challenge for anyone. I've shown it to about 48 people, each messed around with form 5 mins to 3 ...
$78.29 by neil95
Just what the title says.
$43.48 by tones3-d
Puzzle cube in 7 pieces. PLEASE NOTE: It is supplied in WHITE, you will need to dye it yourself
$30.98 by gibell
This is a famous puzzle designed by Stewart Coffin 40 years ago. Wood copies must be made with great accuracy and have become sought-after collect...