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$56.87 by QuirkyCubes
The Pinwheel Cube is an original puzzle that I made when I started casting. The first one was sold on eBay, and the version pictured is one I made ...
$99.99 by benpuzzles
The Platinum Cube is a Master version of Tony Fisher's Golden Cube in that it has shallower cuts which creates extra layers. It can also be viewed ...
$65.42 by PuzzleForge
This is version two of the Heritombo Cube. It has been redesigned to help the caps sit flush with the puzzle. You are ordering a DIY kit, not a c...
$175.00 by TomZ
This is the Chimera, a puzzle suggested by twistypuzzles forum member pytlivyj_1 inspired on Tony Fisher's V-Dome. It is half of a 4x4 combined wit...
$185.00 by TomZ
This is the Dino 3x3x3, a puzzle that combines the cuts from two classic puzzles: the Rubik's Cube and the Dino Cube. This puzzle took a lot of tim...
Not For Sale by Callum
The world's smallest fully functional Rubik's Cube! 6mm to an edge. This puzzle will not come as it appears in the pictures. It will come in reg...
$28.20 by henryseg
Self referential cube.
$3.27 by Catsruler1
Four Interlocked Cubes. 1 cube = 1 cm3
$51.24 by aguebeli
You get 8 vertices for creating one cube, edges diameter 6 mm from wood - plastic-or aluminium ar not included
$103.08 by Polygonist