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$92.66 by rinblad
A pendant in the shape of a tree, with some of the roots creating a garland around it. This unique pendant can stand on a surface or be hung in a n...
$24.62 by edddy
$25.15 by edddy
$39.34 by rachelhwhite
Covenant: the Garden wall sculpture: thin flat cut out (no backing) to allow wall or other surfaces to show through
$22.25 by DrescherDesigns
An organic flowing ring design that resembles two spheres rolling in a breaking wave. Click the 3D button to see it from all angles. Available in a...
$147.53 by RobTorres
Twisted mobius in a matrix resulting in an organic fractal structure.
$93.18 by sebas6691
A unique and stylish vase that presents the roots of plants on an abstract way. Although Shapeways says that the strong and flexible material is n...