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Not For Sale by Dawgstar
The Lightning Sword was the divine weapon of Perseus, he uses it to channel His lightning powers. The sword's compacted form is a small cylinder/ba...
$4.90 by Mandalorian
This is a four sided die. The four sides are kites, facing the same direction. If you want a different take on the four sided die, then here is you...
$8.40 by Mandalorian
$8.59 by Mandalorian
This is a slightly larger version of the first and is stronger.
$18.86 by blighthound
A replica transmutation circle based off the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Now you too can have a full transmutation circle for all of your alchemical...
$8.61 by Mandalorian
$27.28 by mkermol
A small (less than 6cm in diameter) demon skull. This piece was designed as a shamanistic staff head, complete with engraved runes. The shape of th...
$7.47 by DesertIslandDesigns
A custom d6 in 'Stud' style. 19mm for easy of storage and use. Great gift and accessory for any roleplayer, particularly for fantasy and noir type...
$20.27 by duncan
Goblin. Stands about 28mm to eye level
$33.71 by duncan
Merman alchemist. Originally designed as my D&D character 28/32mm Heroic scale. Stands 40mm high