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$12.09 by Universal_Products
This is a pre-made set of fins for use with model rockets. Requires an 18.7mm tube diameter. This fin set includes small dogtooth features and sw...
$7.18 by miraglia
The Enzmann starship is a concept for a manned interstellar spacecraft proposed in 1964 by Dr. Robert Enzmann. A three million ton ball of frozen d...
$10.68 by Rifle_Creek_Studio
A design for a steam punk toy rocket for children to put together. The fuselage is a thin shell, so pick a semi translucent material for a great n...
$12.67 by miraglia
Space Ark Spaceship from movie: When Worlds Collide Scale 1/1000
$14.38 by industrialpunk
Industrial Punk's Space Rocket Cigarette Stubber is an out-of-this-world product to give you peace of mind that your cigarette has been extinguishe...
$2.49 by miraglia
Brazilian Launch Vehicle VLS 1 Scale 1/400
$69.99 by industrialpunk
Industrial Punk's V2 Rocket Cigarette Stubber helps to extinguish your cigarettes quickly and safely. Just place the V2 Rocket Cigarette Stubber in...
$5.87 by d4rkl1gh7
Retro-futuristic rocket miniature.
Not For Sale by zlwilly
A simple rocket/missile, modeled on a whim using Blender.
$24.25 by CWSFDavid
Rocket designed for high altitude (simulators vary from 1500'-2000'), ideally use a C6-7 engine