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$56.62 by eddgomez4
$15.50 by Havok_Works
4x 6-Tooth High Strength Sprocket
$9.09 by Havok_Works
3x 12-Tooth High Strength Pinion
$5.00 by Havok_Works
6-Tooth High Strength Sprocket
$18.77 by IHeartEngineering
Compatible with the Parallax Ping))) sensor and the Hitec HS-325HB Servo.This part requires drilling and fasteners after printing.This is the thick...
$49.99 by cmessinger
Robots need caffeine too! This little surprise is hiding from the chaos of your desktop, simmering in his little world of mocha glee!
$114.79 by cmessinger
Woof..Beep...Woof...This little guy, measuring 4 1/4" in diameter, opens his bay for whatever cargo you need to store! *Note: Grass is not included...
$70.34 by cmessinger
He''s here, and he''s still upset about Global Warming! We all know that neither bears, nor robots, do well in water...
$71.91 by cmessinger
He's small. He's round. And, he likes to hold your writing utensils so you always have easy access. How nice is that?*NOTE: Writing Utensil not inc...
Not For Sale by kitizz
These are the parts for the wheels and motors. Uses clips =D