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$20.00 by m_sill
Designed to sit on monitors, desks, books, windows, and anything with a 90* angle! Let this little Robo-01 liven up your work area or dorm room. C...
$8.99 by Kidmechano
Add some menacing mass to your figure builds with these extended, Manga-bot styled forearms.
$6.39 by Kidmechano
3 part robo pincer with loads of accessory ports.
$5.99 by Kidmechano
Robo shins for your Bot builds.
$6.09 by Kidmechano
Xtended Forearms for your Bot builds.
$5.29 by Kidmechano
Turn your figure into a asymmetrical cyborg. You can rebuild him, you have the technology. This set is a replacement for one arm only, it includes ...
$27.99 by Kidmechano
SpyBorg x 2! Turn your Mo into a full cyborg. Two fully articulated mechanical arms, shins, and sensor visor. 22 parts total.
$19.99 by da1barker
Own the insane twitch robot! :D The back has been hollowed out a bit to bring down the cost of printing.