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$9.07 by GHP
Three strands intertwined. Inside diameter is 6.5cm.
$61.11 by GHP
A tea light cover with a lively rippled pattern across the surface. Best printed in WSF, white detail, or transparent detail - other materials are...
$26.30 by Aileron
I created these for the Anpatha series of simple healing shapes and forms. This piece is inspired by the shapes and patterns in the crop circle phe...
$15.95 by Namisha
Small ceramic coaster for your table, with water ripples and echoes on the surface. Size: 80mm x 80mm
$23.98 by ErrobaArt
Chasm, Rapture, Waves, Split, Ripples... A simple but eye catching ring. This is size 18 (18mm inner diameter), which is size 56 (56mm inner circu...
$19.99 by matteomt
$22.50 by virtox
Running in Circles A pair of large hypnotic earrings. Inspired by ripple patterns in water. Where one ripple ends, another begins. Passing each oth...
Not For Sale by acamori
Inspired by a droplet of water, frozen at the moment of impact. A simple Vase, with a wide, stable footprint. If desired the rippling base can a...