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$23.00 by Twopounder
28mm scale heavy machine gun. This set of 5 machine guns come with large box magazines. Perfect for making your model fire on the go. Optics not in...
$6.75 by TreadshotA1
"Dangerous conduct. The Shock Fangs fire nothing but electricity, conjuring orbs at distance and burning wires up close. Conjured orbs have a mediu...
$6.50 by TreadshotA1
Note: Model includes 2 Shock Lasers. Linearity Cannon, Crash Striker and Crash Cannon not included.
$7.68 by Mechanoid
Here we have our Senior Chief's standard issue rifle. These could almost be used as the Marine's weapon's from Aliens, for those that have our EXO-...
$18.70 by Mechanoid
Rifles, Ammo cases, Medical cases, First Aid cases, Special Weapons cases, Food Pack cases and even a few Special Electronic's cases. Stuff like c...
$18.68 by thehelmosengine
Model Mecha SMG made for 1/100 scale mecha in mind.