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$6.34 by glyphobet
The play, pause, stop, record, fast-forward/rewind, and skip symbols, all on a hollow die. © 2009 Matt Chisholm. All rights reserved.
$8.84 by lensman
45 RPM Record Insert Pendant for the TRUE music lover. Anyone who saw the image without reading this and didn't know what the heck it was just H...
$19.04 by Mcad
adjust stylus Path scale stylus weight scale magnetic cartridge weight additional needs : interscale mini 300 (is-dm-300) Design www.rilleizer....
$5.75 by nathanjh13
45 RPM Record adapter for vinyl enthusiasts and retro fans!
$20.55 by delfonic
A pair of simple but elegant 45rpm record adapters for playing your old 7inch singles with style. They sit neatly into each other when not in use.
$1.94 by SpikmanDesign
Many of my records got demolished by using nails to rest them on. Besides they felt off once in a while. I made these small hooks so the records s...
$57.27 by d4rkl1gh7
Retro 45 record player adapter necklace pendant. * Note : Design not to scale for actual vinyl records *
$19.15 by x33x
A simple spindle to use on your turntable to play old 45rpm records May need to be sized out with a drill on arrival
$35.48 by x33x
Columbia Grafonola Shallow Needle Dish made for a type C2 Columbia Grafonola. May fit other Columbia Grafonola's. ----Tested & Works in Nickel ...
$8.12 by dc307
Convergent Sound 45 vinyl record spacer