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$12.00 by Curlupndie
Bust out your dosimeters and stock your fallout shelters!! You'll be ready for WWIII with this little guy in your pocket. Features a nonadjustable ...
$219.10 by Popsy
$7.68 by WillLaPuerta
Pendant made from a radioactive warning sign.
$8.03 by WillLaPuerta
A pair of earrings made from radioactive warning signs.
$188.08 by Curlupndie
Man in Level-A surveying with a geiger-counter. No cord between detector unit and probe. You can hand paint a plastic version or print it in metal ...
$13.86 by Erkrieal
Element of Radiation symbol - the primordial energy that spawned the entire Absolute . The structure of this amulet like the "flower of life" , whi...
$10.22 by Erkrieal
Element Radiation pendant symbolizes all the main types of Radiation: Corpuscular Radiation (Alpha, Beta-Radiation) Photon quanta Radiation (X-ra...
$10.36 by Erkrieal
This pendant is a a falling star and a comet at the same time. Symbol of romance and love. In the center (nucleus) depicted symbols of Halley's co...
$9.62 by Erkrieal
Symbol of the "unity", which was depicted on spaceships from the civilization of planetary system Antario-Erios.
$20.69 by Erkrieal
One of the most advanced models - hexagonal pyramid, which has at its core elementary symbol of Radiation. Simple design and powerful healing energ...