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$8.51 by justinhowlett
Egyptian eye ring available in various sizes, choose 'Personalize' to select a ring size and order. Default size is 18.2mm.
$121.00 by lensman
Pendant of the Egyptian God Ra. From Wikipedia: Ra was the ancient Egyptian solar deity. By the Fifth Dynasty he had become a major god in ancient...
$11.16 by ErrobaArt
Necklace / pendant, simple but beautiful and oozing with summer feeling. A thread should be connected using the hole in the middle.
$10.00 by SacarianDesigns
Inspired by the obelisks of Egypt, Ægyptus takes its form from drawings which were on the walls of the ancient pyramids. These symbols were also i...
$54.40 by MAIA_WORKS
Study the Body-Graph like never before! This 8-inch-tall 3-Dimensional 9-Chakra-Body-Graph is sure to reveal a whole treasure-chest of gems/insight...
$59.99 by UniverseBecoming
The first known ouroboros design was found in the Enigmatic Book of the Netherworld in the tomb of Tutankhamun dating to about the 14th century BC....