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$17.14 by Unique Plastique
We found the Higgs Boson! You don't need a lab the size of Switzerland, you can 3D print your own. It's the symbol for the Higgs Boson H0 combine...
$13.05 by WillLaPuerta
Dirac Bracket Notation earrings. For the quantum physics fans out there.
$2.13 by stark060
Formulated in 1926 by Erwin Schrödinger, the Schrödinger equation is the fundamental equation of quantum mechanics. With these earrings, you can ...
$22.89 by stark060
Some more chemistry/physics-centric jewelry...These earrings are made in the shape of the atomic d-orbital (z^2). They are meticulously hand-painte...
$25.69 by Jakelton
Small espresso cup with a Quantum logo engraved in the base
$20.70 by alexandrelaplante
A Bloch Sphere.
$28.75 by Imminentfate
A quantum corral is a structure that is built atom by atom on an atomically clean metal surface using a scanning electron microscope (STM). Origin...
$18.43 by briandiloreto
Quantum shells
$16.86 by MarcilCAD
A hydrogen atom showing the 2 up quarks, 1 down quark, the positively charged proton (+) and the negatively charged electron (e-) in the orbital ar...